41st Cadet, Junior, U21 European Championships (Portugália, Lisbon)



Dóra Czagány 2nd place,
Gábor Hárspataki 3rd place

The 41st Cadet, Junior, U21 European Championship took place between 7th and 9th February, 2014 in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. 46 countries and 831 participants met at the impressive MEO Arena of Lisbon and delivered a high level of karate. The Hungarian national team travelled with 27 competitors, 3 of whom were the members of the Dynamic Karate Team. Their coach is Mihaly Fischer, who is also the coach of the Hungarian national team.

Dóra Czagány cadet +54 kg,
Renáta Győriványi junior -59 kg
Gábor Hárspataki junior -68 kg

Dóra Czagány fought her way to the final in her second world competition in the cadet +54 kg category. She won her first round  2-0 against her Czech opponent. The score was tied at the fight with the Bosnian girl, but the judges found Dori better. Thereafter, she beat the Spanish opponent 3-0 confidently, and the Croatian 1-0.  In close fight in the final the French girl won, so Dóri came 2nd in the European Championship.

Gábor Hárspataki (junior -68 kg) marched forward beautifully, he beat his first Byelorussian opponent 8-0, the second fight ended with tied score, but at the hantei he was made the winner of this round. Thereafter he beat the Irish guy 9-0 and the Montenegrin 3-0. He lost his fight against the German guy , but he won the final against the Greek opponent and he had the 3rd place as a European Champion.

Renáta Győriványi lost her first fight against the Turkish opponent, but unfortunately she couldn’t made her way to the consolation.

Hungary won more medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 9 bronze medals) than ever first in its history in a European Championship , and concerning the number of medals came fourth right after Italy , France and Turkey.

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