Joining conditions

Dear Candidates!

Since we are asked frequently about the terms of application by those with the intention of joining us, we would like to state the requirements of joining our organization.

  • Firstly we are expecting you to truly want to learn traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate.
  • The candidate/candidates might be a group or a person.
  • You have to be independent (you cannot be a member of any other organization).
  • Every applicants have to send a letter of introduction which should be detailed in which you state the reason or reasons why you intend to join our organization.
  • According to your letter of introduction we are going to decide whether you are appropriate to be a member of Sakura-Kai (IGKS), and if you do so we are going to notify you.
  • If you are qualified then you are required to organize a seminar in your country where you (and your students) introduce yourself. Every expense should be covered by the applicant.
  • After the seminar has ended we are going to decide if you are technically and humanly qualified, if you are then we are going finalize your membership in Sakura-Kai (IGKS).

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László Harsányi

Chief instructor of IGKS