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I started karate in 1980 in Szabadka, Jugoslavia, in one of the most powerful karate societies. I took examination to 1st Dan in 1985 at JKA Shotokan organization.

Then I moved to Hungary due to the war, and I took examinations to 2nd and 3rd Dan at SKI Shotokan organization. I joined to the Hungarian organization of IKGA Goju – Kai by reason of sportpolitics problems, where later I passed successful examination from 2nd Dan.

I did not agree in many things about the conception of the sport karate, so I left the Goju – Kai, and chose my way towards the full contact karate.

I became the main instructor coach of the Hungarian Kudo Daido Juku team, and became the branch chief of the country, we won European and Wolrd Championships with my students.

I have been living in London, England since 2008 and I am doing my karate activities there.

I have been assigned as the main instructor of the European and Euro-Asian Zendokai Karate Do, but my heart still belongs to Goju – Ryu.



  • Hachi O Kai Karate 7th Dan
  • Shotokan Karate Do 3rd Dan
  • IKGA Goju – Kai 2nd Dan
  • Kudo Daido Juku 2nd Dan
  • Zendokai Karate Do 5th Dan


Sensei Korbai Kont


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