Sensei Tamas Nadas – 2. Dan


Tamas Nadas started learning Goju Ryu Karate Do in 1989 at Seinchin Sport Karate Association Budapest, and currently holds the rank of 2nd degree black belt (2.dan).


  • Sensei László Harsányi 5th dan and Shihan Takeji Ogawa 9th dan.:

Main results:

  • 1997. Traditional World Championship  I. place (Kumite),
  • 1997. WKF World Cup II. place (Kumite),
  • 1995. WKF World Cup II. place (Kumite),
  • 2000. Yoshukai World Championship  II. place (Kumite),
  • 2000. Yoshukai World Championship  III. place (Kata),
  • 2000. Amerikan Southern States Regional Championship  I. place (Kumite),
  • 2003. New-York State Championship  I. place (Kumite),
  • 1995-2000. Eight Times European Cup Champion,
  • Hungarian National Champion, Multiple Times,
  • Youth Olympics Champion, Multiple Times,
  • 4 Awards from the Mayor for sports achievements,
  • 1996-2000. Member of the Hungarian National WKF Karate Team,


Sensei Tibor Petho – 1. Dan


My name is Tibor Petho and I trained in Judo from 1983 to 1989 and Iachieved the level of green belt .My teachers Fenyes Ferenc, Weinber Mihaly.

In 1992, I started Goju-Ryu karate under Laszlo Harsanyi Sensei 5thdan and Shihan Takeji Ogawa 9thdan, and received my black belt 1stdan  in 1999 and continued training until 2005.
Notable results:

  • 1998 Open European cup 1st , 2nd , 3rd . place (kata,kumite)
  • 1999 Hungarian championship 3rd  place  (kumite)
  • 1999 European Championships 3rd place  (team kumite)
  • 2003 and 2005 Georgia state championships  2nd and 3rd place (kumite, kata)

And other major competitions from 1993-2005

From 2005  to 2007 I trained Muay Thai with world champion Khunpon.

I am currently a purple belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu , which I have trained in since 2006 under Romero Cavalcanti Jacare and Rubens Charles Maciel Cobrinha.

Notable Result:

  • 2006 Naga 3rd
  • 2008 World cup 1st,2nd,3rd  (gi and no gi)
  • 2008 Pan American Championship 2nd (gi)
  • 2008 World championship 1st (no gi)



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